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Trauma Therapy Program

Smiling person in session with counselor in the trauma therapy program at Virtue Recovery CenterTrauma is defined as an event that causes severe emotional distress that can create a wide range of disruptive symptoms that can appear weeks, months, or even years after the event. It can lead to serious mental health conditions like PTSD, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorders and cause other problems at school, work, or home.

A trauma therapy program can help individuals and families recover from a traumatic event using a combination of therapies and medications. Working with a therapist is the smart way to recover from past or recent trauma and lead a healthy and productive life.

Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorder is a mental health treatment center in Las Vegas, NV that supports those struggling with trauma-related addiction, PTSD, depression, and other disorders. Our therapists work closely with each client in group and private therapy sessions. They use the latest therapies and medications to give them everything they need to manage their symptoms and triggers.

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Why Do You Need Therapy for Trauma?

A traumatic event can create lingering problems that can negatively impact a person’s quality of life and mental health. Unresolved trauma can cause sleep problems, nightmares, flashbacks, problems concentrating at work or school, relationship issues, and much more. People with unresolved trauma are more likely to develop a substance use disorder as they try to cope with the negative feelings and memories they experience.

Therapy for trauma is necessary for anyone whose symptoms are causing a significant disruption to their daily lives and who want to learn how to control their thoughts and emotions. A traumatic event can cause several mental health conditions that can impact a person’s ability to function normally, such as:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Acute stress disorder (ASD)
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Reactive attachment disorders (RAD)
  • Disinhibited social engagement disorder (DSED)

During a trauma treatment program, clients will work with a behavioral therapist in private and group therapy sessions using behavioral and holistic therapies. This combination creates a more effective recovery experience and promotes long-lasting sobriety and better mental health.

Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorder offers trauma therapy services for Nevada residents who are struggling with past or recent traumas. We support veterans with combat experience, families who lost loved ones due to an accident or the pandemic, and individuals with childhood trauma, domestic abuse trauma, or other types of traumas. We help clients uncover the specific trauma and teach them healthy coping skills to manage their symptoms and triggers.

The Benefits of a Trauma Therapy Program

Enrolling in a trauma therapy program for individuals and families has many benefits. It teaches them that talking about their feelings with others is okay and provides a safe space to talk about the trauma and the emotions it produces.

Here are just some of the benefits of a trauma treatment program:

A Better Understanding of Their Symptoms

Therapists work with clients to understand why they think and how loud noises, certain smells, or people can trigger disturbing memories or feelings. This is especially true for people with childhood traumas who may not even remember the event. Once the original issue is identified, true healing can begin.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the best therapies for treating trauma-related addictions and disorders. During therapy sessions, clients focus on the specific trauma and the behaviors it creates and learn how to replace those behaviors with more positive thoughts and actions.

A trauma therapy program is the best option for anyone who is struggling with past or recent traumas. Therapy can help people process those memories and emotions safely with less risk of developing an addiction or worsening depressive symptoms.

Find Comprehensive Trauma Therapy Services at Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorder

At Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorder, our trauma therapy program allows clients to manage their symptoms and triggers related to a traumatic event. Our team has years of experience working with all types of trauma and can effectively treat all aspects of the disorder and any corresponding substance use disorder or other conditions.

For more information about our trauma therapy program, fill out our online form or call 866.520.2861 today to speak with our team.