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Virtue Recovery Center in Las Vegas Launches Specialized Programs for Veterans

Virtue Recovery Center Las Vegas Launches Addiction Program for Veterans

Virtue Recovery Center in Las Vegas Announces Specially Tailored Programs for Veterans

Las Vegas, NV – 2/12/2024

Virtue Recovery Center in Las Vegas, recognized for its excellence in addiction treatment, has introduced new programs tailored for Veterans. These specialized programs are designed to effectively tackle the distinct challenges and complexities Veterans face in their battles with addiction and mental health issues.

Individually Tailored Programs for the Specific Requirements of Veterans

The new programs at Virtue Recovery Center recognize the distinct experiences of Veterans, including combat-related stress, PTSD, and other service-related mental health conditions. The center has developed tailored treatments that combine traditional therapy with innovative approaches to meet the specific needs of Veterans.

The Veteran Program at Virtue Recovery Center Las Vegas encompasses a broad range of services meticulously designed to cater to both individual and group needs, with a strong focus on addressing trauma and addiction. These include:

  • Tailored individual and group therapy sessions, concentrating on trauma and addiction recovery.
  • Direct access to specialists skilled in PTSD and trauma-informed care.
  • Various activities and therapeutic approaches aim to enhance resilience and develop coping mechanisms.
  • A nurturing environment supported by a community of peers sharing similar life experiences.
  • Additionally, the program is backed by a team of expert and devoted staff members, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and dedication to veteran mental health and addiction treatment.

Virtue Recovery Center’s programs are led by a team of professionals experienced in Veteran mental health and addiction treatment. The staff includes therapists and counselors specializing in Veteran care and understanding the complexities of transitioning from military to civilian life.

Programs are uniquely designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of veterans, who often require various treatment modalities concurrently. Recognizing the prevalence of PTSD among veterans, Virtue Recovery Las Vegas can now provide top-notch treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, along with Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) specifically for PTSD.

Teams of fully licensed clinicians are skilled in CPT and adhere to the standards set by the VA, ensuring that veterans receive comprehensive, individualized care that addresses their specific challenges.

A key aspect of the program is a commitment to a low client-to-clinician ratio, ensuring personalized attention and care. With a remarkable ratio of 6 veterans to 1 licensed clinician, the new Veteran programs can provide unparalleled customized attention. This approach allows extended one-on-one sessions, more time for individualized therapy, and a deeper understanding of each veteran’s progress and challenges. Providing the right care tailored to each veteran’s unique experiences is crucial for successful rehabilitation and recovery.

Virtue Recovery Center’s dedication to veterans is not just about providing care – it’s about giving the right care with an understanding of each veteran’s unique needs and experiences. By keeping our ratio low, we can ensure that veterans receive the most effective care throughout their recovery journey.

Facilities Dedicated to the Support of American Heroes

Virtue Recovery Center Las Vegas is committed to providing Veterans with the highest quality care and support. The center’s mission is to help Veterans overcome addiction and mental health challenges and reintegrate into civilian life with strength and resilience.

At Virtue Recovery Center, our dedication to Veterans is a cornerstone of our mission, as emphasized by our Chief Development Officer, Michael Banis. “We strive to create a healing space where Veterans can find understanding and camaraderie. Our programs are designed to address our Veterans’ unique challenges,” says Michael Banis. This commitment involves a blend of professional expertise and genuine empathy, ensuring Veterans receive care that resonates with their experiences. The overarching aim is not only to help them overcome addiction and mental health issues but also to equip them with the tools to navigate civilian life successfully, bolstered by newfound resilience and strength.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Michael Banis
Phone: (866) 271-9748
Email: [email protected]


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