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What Are the Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

Person sitting on floor against couch with hand on head experiencing signs of alcohol abuse

Alcohol addiction is a complicated disease affecting millions of people worldwide. It’s easy for anyone to slip into unhealthy alcohol behaviors, especially considering how normalized drinking is in our society. However, if left untreated, alcohol addiction can lead to severe health problems and devastatingly impact a person’s life. Knowing the signs of alcohol abuse can help you or a loved one start the path to recovery and wellness.

If you or someone you know shows signs of alcohol addiction, know that help is available. Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorders offers customized alcohol abuse treatment programs to help individuals overcome addiction. Our qualified and compassionate team of addiction experts creates personalized treatment plans that address each client’s needs. Contact us today at 866.520.2861 to learn how we can help.

What Are Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol addiction can take many forms. Though symptoms may be difficult to detect, the most common alcohol abuse signs usually include the following:

  • Increased tolerance to alcohol – Needing to consume more and more to feel the same effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not drinking – Experiencing physical symptoms such as tremors, sweating, and nausea
  • Drinking alone or in secret – Hiding alcohol use from friends and family
  • Neglecting responsibilities – Skipping work or school to drink
  • Drinking more than intended – Exceeding their own pre-set limits or secretly increasing the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Changes in behavior – Experiencing mood swings, anxiety attacks, or depression
  • Denying alcohol use – Being defensive when questioned about drinking habits

What Are Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a more severe condition and can be characterized by:

  • Cravings – The urge to drink becomes an all-consuming feeling that cannot be ignored.
  • Loss of interest – Losing interest in activities or hobbies they once enjoyed
  • Lack of control – Unable to limit or stop drinking once they start
  • Physical dependence – Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking
  • Persistent use – Continuing to drink despite suffering negative consequences such as worsening health, job loss, or relationship problems
  • Changes in appearance – Showing signs of weight loss, unhealthy skin, or neglected personal hygiene.

For people who demonstrate alcohol addiction signs, professional treatment can make a life-changing difference and promote recovery.

How Can Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorders Help?

At Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorders, we offer a comprehensive alcohol abuse treatment program that covers every step of recovery. Our highly trained medical professionals and therapists are experienced in diagnosing and treating alcohol abuse disorders effectively. We provide tailored treatment plans catering to each client’s needs and requirements. Our holistic approach focuses on mental and physical health, meaning we address the underlying causes and start the healing process.

We offer a range of programs and therapies, including outpatient programs, group therapy, and individual counseling, which are all designed to help our clients maintain sobriety in the long term. Our programs address all aspects of alcohol addiction, such as detoxification, identification of triggers, behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. We provide ongoing support to our clients during and after their treatment to ensure they maintain sobriety. If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, we encourage you to contact us for help.

Start Our Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program Today

The signs of alcohol abuse and addiction can severely impact a person’s life, causing health issues, lifestyle disruption, and social isolation. Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Substance Use Disorders offers a comprehensive alcohol abuse treatment program that can effectively address and treat alcohol use disorder on every level.

If you believe you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you heal and regain control of your life. Call 866.520.2861 or complete our online form today.